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Orthotic devices provide stability or support to a body part without replacing it. They serve a broad variety of functions that address specific medical needs. Many children did not have access to high quality insurance benefits that would cover their orthotic devices, and families were being forced to choose between purchasing necessities like rent or paying for appropriate orthotic devices for their children. The orthotist's office would sometimes offer free services to try to alleviate the burden to patient families, but could not afford to operate at a complete loss.

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The Summons is a proud partner of Orthotful.  

Their Story

Orthotful pays qualified orthotists the minimum amounts needed to cover costs for physical items and materials needed to provide care for marginalized patient communities--such as those with severe and high cost health difficulties, those facing excessive financial burden, and uninsured patients. Children do not choose their health insurance, and it is never their fault if their insurance does not protect them.


Orthotful's partnered orthotists agree to donate an amount of their time, expertise, and labor in exchange for Orthotful's contribution to cover some of the materials cost, resulting in either a fully or partially waived bill for qualifying patient families. This allows orthotists to treat their patients with the dignity and compassion they deserve, as well as allowing kids access to high quality healthcare.

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